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Covid-19: our protection measures

Dear valued Guests and Partners,

We have taken into serious consideration the spread of Covid-19 pandemic worldwide since the beginning of 2020 and the health of our guests and staff remains our highest priority.

We carefully follow all sanitation and hygiene standards in compliance with recommendations and guidelines from local authorities, the National Public Health Organization (E.O.D.Y.) the Hellenic Ministry of Health, as well as all recommended procedures and protocols by the World Health Organization.

This expansion of COVID-19 leads us to obey and adapt to the instructions and decisions of the Greek government, always with the aim of defending the health of our visitors, employees and partners.

Upon your arrival to Sugar Blue we will give you the information booklet with some updates in our operation (required by Greek government due to Covid-19).

For your convenience we are publishing this info in our website as well, so you can download and explore it prior your arrival.

Cleaning and Disinfection ProtocolDOWNLOAD

Healthcare providers contact informationDOWNLOAD

Covid-19 information board – DOWNLOAD

Mandatory Registration FormDOWNLOAD

The important points of the new official protocols that we are obliged to observe are:

  • All tourist accommodation establishments are obliged to draw up an operational plan to be able to manage suspected Covid-19 cases, in accordance to the current instructions of EODY.
  • Each establishment must appoint a coordinator to supervise that the proper management of suspected coronavirus cases is being followed out.
  • All staff members must be aware of how the Covid-19 virus is transmitted; be able to provide information to guests; be trained on practices for cleaning and disinfecting identified spots; follow hygiene rules to avoid transmitting the virus (frequent hand washing, avoiding handshakes, physical distancing, avoiding contact of hands with eyes, nose and mouth and respiratory hygiene)
  • Every hotel must provide each staff member with personal protective equipment (masks, gloves)

Hotel log book

For public health protection, every hotel must keep an updated record of staff members and all guests staying at the hotel – name, nationality, date of arrival and departure, contact details (address, telephone, e-mail), so that communication is possible if a coronavirus case is identified at a later time.

The General Regulation on Personal Data Protection (GDPR) must be observed and all staff members and guests must be informed that their information will be kept on file for reasons of public health protection. It is necessary to record and update all events that may occur in the log book.

  • Staff members are obliged to follow the necessary hygiene measures (frequent hand washing), keep the appropriate distance (at least one meter from customers) and avoid handshakes.
  • When requested, staff should be able to: a) inform guests on the hotel’s rules and the new measures taken to address incidents, b) provide useful information to health care providers regarding the locations of public and private hospitals, Covid-19 reference hospitals and pharmacies in the area and c) provide personal protective equipment (masks, gloves) when requested.
  • Each hotel must have a medical kit available for the occurrence of an incident, which will include disposable gloves and masks, antiseptics, cleaning wipes, apron, long-sleeved robe, laser thermometer.
  • Staff must be in the position to identify symptoms and report them directly to the health coordinator.
  • Mandatory extension of duration of check-out and check-in times between stays (check out by 11am and check in from 3pm) so that rooms can be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected and aired out through natural ventilation.
  • Non-hotel guests are prohibited from entering hotels.

Cleaning, disinfection, housekeeping

  • All hotels are obliged to follow enhanced disinfection and deep cleaning practices in accordance to EODY instructions. Special cleaning instructions for rooms are also provided for Covid-19 cases.
  • Meticulous cleaning and very good room ventilation must take place between stays of guests.
  • The frequent cleaning of rooms during the stay of guests should be avoided (this is for housekeeping staff to avoid coming in contact with possible cases and to prevent further transmission).
  • The daily cleaning and change of towels should be avoided and only carried out only upon the request of guests.
  • TV and air conditioner controls should have disposable covers.
  • Fabric surfaces (eg furniture upholstery) should be cleaned with a steam appliance.
  • The doors and windows of all rooms should be opened daily for natural ventilation.
  • It is recommended to place individual antiseptic gels in each room.

In Sugar Blue the person in charge and the health coordinator  is Chernova Ekaterina (Katia).

We are always available for any question about the health issues by the telephone number +306948469456 (Whats App, Viber)

We hope the pandemic cycle to end as soon as possible so as for us to return to safe conditions for all!

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